Monday, August 22, 2011

Do you understand forgiveness?

Helen Whitney on Forgiveness and Hopes | Forgiveness: A Time to Love and a Time to Hate | PBS Video

The Voice of Justice

The Voice of Justice on Vimeo

An excellent example of how easily we become confused between the sly riddles of temptation and the offer of true hope.


An excerpt from a book that I am reading on the development of adolescents (or "middle adolescents") in high school. The book is titled HURT:

"The loss of meaningful relationships with adults has been the most devastating to developing adolescents. Because mid-adolescents have not had enough life experience to understand fully the accompanying sense of loneliness and isolation they feel, few could articulate their experience specifically as 'loss' in my study. But the reality of the experience oozed out of nearly every student. And in discussion with mid-adolescents across the country, not one disagreed with this bleak assessment. When feeling safe enough to admit, every student I talked to acknowledged that loneliness is a central experience. In decrying the panic in the lives of young girls in the midst of contemporary culture, Mary Pipher provides a wake-up call with her poignant summation of how parents are viewed by adolescents: 'To paraphrase a Stevie Smith poem about swimming in the sea, "they are not waving, they are drowning.'" And just when they most need help, they are unable to take their parent's hands.' They feel this way about all adults who are not there for them."

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

know the worth

At the end of over forty-five years of ministry E. Stanley Jones wrote:

"You don't know the worth of your Christian faith until you have compared it with others and subjected it to life....I've put my faith out before the non-Christian world and have said: 'There it is...if you can break it, break it. For I cannot live in a paradise if it turns out to be a fool's paradise'....So the keenest minds and the most philosophical of the world have smitten upon my faith, night and day for over half a century. Result? Broken? There are scars on my faith but underneath those scars there are no doubts. The song I sing is a life-song. Not the temporary exuberance of youth that often fades when middle and old age set in with their disillusionmnets and cynicism. No, I'm eighty-three and more excited today about being a Christian than I was at eighteen when I put my feet upon the Way....Now by seasoned, tested, corroborated experience I know that this is not a way, but the Way."

Videos: Healthy Tomorrow Winner, July 2011: Coffee Oasis - Kitsap, WA | Kitsap Sun

Videos: Healthy Tomorrow Winner, July 2011: Coffee Oasis - Kitsap, WA | Kitsap Sun