Saturday, September 3, 2011

unless we listen

3rd day in Basque Country. Drove from San Sabastian (northern Spain) into France across the Pyranees Mountains today. Hours upon hours of small villages, delicacies, and winding road. It is one of the most beautiful places on earth (though my heart cannot let go of the romantic mountains that form the Olympic peninsula). The people are beautiful. God is using them to shift the plates in my heart. I think that "missions" has traditionally sought to find out what is wrong with a people group and then offer specific suggestions on how Jesus can meet a need or fulfill a purpose. Completely beside my own intentions I found myself searching for a hidden sin or glaring fault so "Jesus could meet every need." The Basque people are have very few faults. They are delightful and enviable conversationalists. I have never been to a city were I have seen more laughter. The streets are filled with people simply being together. At the same time they are a people of 3.5 million that have no national church. Only an estimated 100 Basque people claim Jesus as Lord. Where is the disconnect. Studying this evening (yes, it is 12:45 in the morning in San Sabastian and I am studying for school!) I read a John Stott quote that was helpful: "Unless we listen attentively to the voices of secular society, unless we struggle to understand them, unless we feel with modern men and women their frustration, their alienation, their pain and even sometimes, their despair, I think that we shall lack authenticity as the followers of Jesus of Nazareth." I judge to well and love to little. Father forgive us for mistaking our role as sheep. My heart has been in turmoil over the whole matter so please continue to pray for us as we continue on in Basque until September 12th.